Dr. Patrick Hudson

Patrick Hudson MD, FACS, BCC  is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Board Certified Coach and has completed Level I Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. He has extensive experience as a marriage counselor and therapist and is a Gottman Seven Principles Program Leader–authorized by the John Gottman Institute in Seattle to use the Seven Principles Program materials and teach lecture content that integrates research from the Seven Principles book.Dr. Patrick Hudson is an experienced  physician. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a Fellow of the National Anger Management Association. In addition to his medical degrees, Dr. Hudson holds advanced degrees in Mental Health Counseling, Medical Ethics & Liberal Arts. He is a Board Certified Coach.  Dr. Hudson has been helping individual physicians and healthcare organizations for over a decade. He specializes in personalized, intensive coaching at our location or yours. 

Dr. Hudson’s aim as a coach is to guide you to restore meaning and purpose to your relationship. As  a physician for over 40 years he understands the unique needs of medical doctors and their spouses and partners. Dr. Hudson is available for couple coaching for same-sex relationships and marriages. He does not work with children nor does he do family therapy or psychotherapy of any kind.   He has experience with a range of assessments suitable for marriage coaching including DiSC profile. In western society around two out of three first marriages are unsuccessful and three out of four second marriages fail. With couples coaching before and during a marriage you can do something to enrich your relationship and increase the odds of a long and loving relationship. No one goes into a marriage expecting to get a divorce so do not let it happen to you. He has a special interest in helping couples who have no traditional religious affiliation and he works  from an existential perspective. Despite the best of intentions a divorce is sometimes inevitable.  Dr. Hudson works as a coach with both physicians or their spouses to help them through this difficult time.  He is also available as part of a cooperative or collaborative divorce team.  

REFERENCES & COMMENTS:  “I would like to write a strong letter of recommendation for the coaching I have received from Dr. Patrick Hudson…As a surgeon who is clinically busy and also involved in medical group/hospital leadership, I realized that having a coach is very important for developing “the soft skills” one needs to be successful in these roles. I have never had any training in these skills and finding a coach like Patrick was fabulous. Dr. Hudson has been a great resource to me and his wealth of knowledge is second to none. …I highly recommend Dr. Hudson as a coach for physicians without any hesitation. He is truly gifted in his knowledge and skills and will be a great resource to any physician leader or clinical doctor looking to expand their skills.” ~Vascular Surgeon/California

Helping doctors restore meaning and purpose to their relationships
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