Intensive Marriage Coaching

Coaching for Physicians can schedule appointments for Intensive Marathon Coaching for Marital Enrichment for Physician Couples (one or both of whom are physicians) either at Dr. Hudson’s farm in Cedar Grove, Santa Fe, NM or his uptown office location in Albuquerque.  For an additional fee and expenses, Dr. Hudson will come to you and provide one-on-one, confidential marathon coaching intensives in your home, office or other location. This is NOT group work. In intensive coaching couples meet one-on-one with Dr. Hudson for 5 hours a day and for 1-3 consecutive days and stay overnight at a nearby hotel or bed and breakfast (we can help you make arrangements). Each couple has a unique schedule that is worked out in advance. For an additional fee and expenses,  Dr. Hudson will come to you and provide one-on-one, confidential marathon coaching intensives in your home, office or other location. Intensive  coaching is especially useful for couples who cannot attend weekly coaching sessions or need to travel from distant locations. It provides a brief, intensive and focused approach to your marital coaching issues and helps you learn new skills in less time.

The first step in managing any  issue is to acknowledge it  exists. According to Michael Myers and  Glen  Gabbard some of the more common issues that concern"medical" couples are:

 Poor communication • Arguments and fights • Physical/verbal abuse • Sexual problems • Issues with children • Infertility • Lack of time together • Loneliness and isolation • Overwork and fatigue • Fear or threats of divorce • Extramarital affairs

By the end of marathon coaching, a couple should be able to:

  • Understand the value of a stable home life for physicians
  • Recognize the myth that physician’s long work hours cause marital problems
  • Understand how the personality of physicians and medical training contribute to marital conflict
  • See why a happy marriage is not conflict free
  • Understand the causes of marital conflict
  • Recognize the signs of strain in a relationship
  • Know the difference between a complaint and a criticism
  • Learn how to begin a conversation using a soft start up
  • Set boundaries and communicate needs
  • Know the difference between a boundary and an expectation
  • Know the tools needed to build a deeper relationship
  • Increase the role of emotional intelligence and empathy in relationships
  • Improve communication skills and express a feeling or position using an I-message
  • … and much more 

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